linux SAMBA 4.* win client端沒有權限執行程式的解決方法



acl allow execute always (S)

This boolean parameter controls the behaviour of smbd(8) when receiving a protocol request of "open for execution" from a Windows client. With Samba 3.6 and older, the execution right in the ACL was not checked, so a client could execute a file even if it did not have execute rights on the file. In Samba 4.0, this has been fixed, so that by default, i.e. when this parameter is set to "False", "open for execution" is now denied when execution permissions are not present.

If this parameter is set to "True", Samba does not check execute permissions on "open for execution", thus re-establishing the behaviour of Samba 3.6. This can be useful to smoothen upgrades from older Samba versions to 4.0 and newer. This setting is not meant to be used as a permanent setting, but as a temporary relief: It is recommended to fix the permissions in the ACLs and reset this parameter to the default after a certain transition period.

Default: acl allow execute always = no

acl allow execute always = True


另外client max protocol = NT1 是不是可以強迫使用SMB1還得試試看。

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