hdmi_group  HDMI ––> Type


hdmi_group=1 ––> CEA

hdmi_group=2 ––> DMT


hdmi_mode 須對照 hdmi_group


These values are valid if hdmi_group=1 (CEA)
hdmi_mode=1    VGA
hdmi_mode=2    480p   60 Hz
hdmi_mode=3    480p   60 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=4    720p   60 Hz
hdmi_mode=5    1080i  60 Hz
hdmi_mode=6    480i   60 Hz
hdmi_mode=7    480i   60 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=8    240p   60 Hz
hdmi_mode=9    240p   60 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=10   480i   60 Hz  4x
hdmi_mode=11   480i   60 Hz  4x H
hdmi_mode=12   240p   60 Hz  4x
hdmi_mode=13   240p   60 Hz  4x H
hdmi_mode=14   480p   60 Hz  2x
hdmi_mode=15   480p   60 Hz  2x H
hdmi_mode=16   1080p  60 Hz
hdmi_mode=17   576p   50 Hz
hdmi_mode=18   576p   50 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=19   720p   50 Hz
hdmi_mode=20   1080i  50 Hz
hdmi_mode=21   576i   50 Hz
hdmi_mode=22   576i   50 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=23   288p   50 Hz
hdmi_mode=24   288p   50 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=25   576i   50 Hz  4x
hdmi_mode=26   576i   50 Hz  4x H
hdmi_mode=27   288p   50 Hz  4x
hdmi_mode=28   288p   50 Hz  4x H
hdmi_mode=29   576p   50 Hz  2x
hdmi_mode=30   576p   50 Hz  2x H
hdmi_mode=31   1080p  50 Hz
hdmi_mode=32   1080p  24 Hz
hdmi_mode=33   1080p  25 Hz
hdmi_mode=34   1080p  30 Hz
hdmi_mode=35   480p   60 Hz  4x
hdmi_mode=36   480p   60 Hz  4xH
hdmi_mode=37   576p   50 Hz  4x
hdmi_mode=38   576p   50 Hz  4x H
hdmi_mode=39   1080i  50 Hz  reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=40   1080i 100 Hz
hdmi_mode=41   720p  100 Hz
hdmi_mode=42   576p  100 Hz
hdmi_mode=43   576p  100 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=44   576i  100 Hz  
hdmi_mode=45   576i  100 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=46   1080i 120 Hz  
hdmi_mode=47   720p  120 Hz  
hdmi_mode=48   480p  120 Hz  
hdmi_mode=49   480p  120 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=50   480i  120 Hz  
hdmi_mode=51   480i  120 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=52   576p  200 Hz  
hdmi_mode=53   576p  200 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=54   576i  200 Hz  
hdmi_mode=55   576i  200 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=56   480p  240 Hz  
hdmi_mode=57   480p  240 Hz  H
hdmi_mode=58   480i  240 Hz  
hdmi_mode=59   480i  240 Hz  H
H means 16:9 variant (of a normally 4:3 mode).
2x means pixel doubled (that is, higher clock rate, with each pixel repeated twice)
4x means pixel quadrupled (that is, higher clock rate, with each pixel 
repeated four times)

These values are valid if hdmi_group=2 (DMT)

Note: according to http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=20155&p=195417&hilit=2560x1600#p195443 

there is a pixel clock limit which means the highest supported 

mode is 1920x1200 @60 Hz with reduced blanking.

hdmi_mode=1    640x350    85 Hz

hdmi_mode=2    640x400    85 Hz

hdmi_mode=3    720x400    85 Hz

hdmi_mode=4    640x480    60 Hz

hdmi_mode=5    640x480    72 Hz

hdmi_mode=6    640x480    75 Hz

hdmi_mode=7    640x480    85 Hz

hdmi_mode=8    800x600    56 Hz

hdmi_mode=9    800x600    60 Hz

hdmi_mode=10   800x600    72 Hz

hdmi_mode=11   800x600    75 Hz

hdmi_mode=12   800x600    85 Hz

hdmi_mode=13   800x600   120 Hz

hdmi_mode=14   848x480    60 Hz

hdmi_mode=15   1024x768   43 Hz  DO NOT USE

hdmi_mode=16   1024x768   60 Hz

hdmi_mode=17   1024x768   70 Hz

hdmi_mode=18   1024x768   75 Hz

hdmi_mode=19   1024x768   85 Hz

hdmi_mode=20   1024x768  120 Hz

hdmi_mode=21   1152x864   75 Hz

hdmi_mode=22   1280x768          Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=23   1280x768   60 Hz

hdmi_mode=24   1280x768   75 Hz

hdmi_mode=25   1280x768   85 Hz

hdmi_mode=26   1280x768  120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=27   1280x800          Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=28   1280x800   60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=29   1280x800   75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=30   1280x800   85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=31   1280x800  120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=32   1280x960   60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=33   1280x960   85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=34   1280x960  120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=35   1280x1024  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=36   1280x1024  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=37   1280x1024  85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=38   1280x1024 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=39   1360x768   60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=40   1360x768  120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=41   1400x1050         Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=42   1400x1050  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=43   1400x1050  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=44   1400x1050  85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=45   1400x1050 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=46   1440x900          Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=47   1440x900   60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=48   1440x900   75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=49   1440x900   85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=50   1440x900  120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=51   1600x1200  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=52   1600x1200  65 Hz  

hdmi_mode=53   1600x1200  70 Hz  

hdmi_mode=54   1600x1200  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=55   1600x1200  85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=56   1600x1200 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=57   1680x1050         Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=58   1680x1050  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=59   1680x1050  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=60   1680x1050  85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=61   1680x1050 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=62   1792x1344  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=63   1792x1344  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=64   1792x1344 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=65   1856x1392  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=66   1856x1392  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=67   1856x1392 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=68   1920x1200         Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=69   1920x1200  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=70   1920x1200  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=71   1920x1200  85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=72   1920x1200 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=73   1920x1440  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=74   1920x1440  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=75   1920x1440 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=76   2560x1600         Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=77   2560x1600  60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=78   2560x1600  75 Hz  

hdmi_mode=79   2560x1600  85 Hz  

hdmi_mode=80   2560x1600 120 Hz  Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=81   1366x768   60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=82   1080p      60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=83   1600x900          Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=84   2048x1152         Reduced blanking

hdmi_mode=85   720p       60 Hz  

hdmi_mode=86   1366x768          Reduced blanking
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