[DD-WRT]Running a DD-WRT VM in Virtualbox


Full steps can be found at https://i12bretro.github.io/tutorials…

   01. Download Oracle Virtualbox https://www.virtualbox.org/
   02. Download DD-WRT x86 Image ftp://ftp.dd-wrt.com/
   03. Install Oracle Virtualbox
   04. Convert DD-WRT x86 Image to VDI
         # change directory to virtualbox installation
         cd %programfiles%\Oracle\Virtualbox
         # run vboxmanage to convert the raw image to .vdi
         vboxmanage.exe convertdd "c:\users\i12bretro\downloads\dd-wrt_public_vga.image" "c:\users\i12bretro\downloads\dd-wrt.vdi"
   05. Resize the VDI File
         # resize the vdi to 256MB
         vboxmanage.exe modifyhd –resize 256 "c:\users\i12bretro\downloads\dd-wrt.vdi"
   06. Launch Virtualbox
   07. Create a New VM by selecting Machine ≫ New
         Name: DD-WRT
         Machine Folder: C:\VMs
         Type: Linux
         Version: Other Linux (32-bit)
         Memory Size: 256 MB
         Hard disk: Do not add a virtual hard disk
   08. Click Create
   09. Copy the dd-wrt.vdi file from downloads into C:\VMs\DD-WRT
   10. Select the VM and Click Settings
   11. Select Storage
   12. Click Add Storage Attachment ≫ Add Hard Disk ≫ Choose existing disk
   13. Click Add and browse to C:\VMs\DD-WRT\dd-wrt.vdi
   14. Click OK
   15. Select Network
   16. Set Attached to: Bridge Adapter
   17. Make sure the DD-WRT VM is selected and click Start ≫ Normal
   18. Wait for the text to stop scrolling and press Enter
   19. Login with root/admin
   20. Set the IP address to something in your current subnet so you can reach it
         ifconfig br0
   21. Launch your web browser of choice and access the DD-WRT web UI with the IP address in the previous step


透過 VirtualBox 安裝 DD-WRT x86


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